newborn photography…

I thought it would be easy.

When my first child was born, I thought all that would be needed to take outstanding portraits of her would be my latest iPhone and a little bit of time – which the latter I had lots of – we had just moved cross-country to our newest duty station. I quickly realized that while I could indeed capture my sweet girl on my phone, solid newborn photos that were truly portraits would be more of a task that required investments into equipment, training, and a whole lot of practice.

While I always knew I wanted to pursue photography more fully, it never really was the perfect time to do so. Until… my husband returned from a deployment, I was working full time as a pediatric physician assistant, and I was 7 months pregnant with my third kiddo. I took the leap – upgraded my trusty, but humble gear, invested both a lot of time and money into newborn photography education from the best in the field, and started TRULY creating portraits that I’m proud of.


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A Midwestern girl, transplanted about.

Home is wherever the military sends us + I’m sure you can relate. After nearly a decade of active duty service, my husband recently separated – and rather than put down roots, we decided to continue the adventure! We have three kids, two dogs, and an ever-growing collection of plants. My college degree (pediatric physician assistant!) is being put to great use in this season of Japanese life by tending to my own kiddos’ scraped knees and rocking babies to sleep.

three things that matter most when choosing a photographer to handle your preCious newborn



As a pediatric physician assistant, I am acutely aware of the anatomy and physiology, posing newborns only in ways that are safe for their little bodies. Masking and frequent hand washing is implemented to keep your newborn healthy and safe. I am also BLS, ACLS and PALS certified.



I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in education. I’ve been mentored by some of the best in the newborn photography industry, learning techniques, tips, and strategies that allow me to technically and practically take beautiful photographs of your loved ones.



Not only have I been in business for 3 years, I also am a mama to three busy little kiddos myself. I’m comfortable pulling out all the stops to get your family laughing – helping me more organically capture the bond between your family. I promise, I can turn any toddler into my best friend!